On the 25th May 2021 we wrote a letter to Stephen Donnelly, Minister for Health. It was a follow up letter to the open letter we sent on the 21st May 2021. To date we have not received any response from Minister Donnelly, the HSE or any member of the Government.

Given that the HSE and Minister for Health have abdicated any responsibility for the Data Breach and its horrifying ongoing sequelae, we think it incumbent on us as Solicitors and Data Protection professionals to take a stand. To complement the legal guide we published on the 24th May 2021, we now have a created a mini site to educate people on their rights under the GDPR and otherwise in respect of the Data Breach.

We are now inviting people to contact us with a view to bringing proceedings against the HSE. The nature of these proceedings will ultimately depend on how the breach and subsequent non-availability of a functioning health system has affected each individual. It may extend from minor “non-material” loss to something altogether more concerning.

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