Normally making your will involves two trips to a solicitor. One to give instructions, and a second to execute the will. We have tried to reduce this to one visit.

Using our online tool (featured in the Irish Examiner) you can give instructions online using a interactive questionnaire. You will be prompted with ideas and suggestions as you go, which will help you make an informed and sensible decision. You can then pay online, of if you like arrange for an invoice to issue later. This should not be confused with some online will writing services. An experienced solicitor will draft your will and advise you on all aspects of the document. We will also make provision to ensure your will is executed correctly and all the legal formalities are complied with.

While this tool was developed during Covid 19 to try and minimise social contact, we have found that clients like the flexibility the tool gives. It also helps people prepare for the consultation with a solicitor by giving them an advance warning of the questions likely to be asked.

Try our online will tool here