Micheal O’Dowd, Managing Partner in O’Dowd Solicitors was invited onto Red FM’s Neil Prendeville  show this morning to discuss the “One in Four” data breach as well as giving an update in what is an interesting and ever evolving area of Law. It seems that despite stark warnings companies and organisations are still not taking Data Security seriously and are not taking precautions to avoid incurring legal liabilities.

Two years ago the self styled “Alliance for Insurance Reform” saw fit to report us to the Legal Services Regulatory Authority for merely posting on this website that people may sue data controllers if their data is stolen. Thankfully this complaint was dealt with in a sensible manner by the Authority, and for the most part things have moved on a lot since then. Unfortunately some organisations still think that responsibility for data breaches can be passed to the bad actors who carried out the hack. This is not the case.

If you have been the victim of a data breach you may have a case against the data controller, particularly if you have been somehow adversely affected or fear you will be adversely affected.

Micheal O’Dowd’s interview can be listened to here