Many solicitors claim to be in a position to advise on Data Protection and other IT related issues. Few can claim to understand the law or the practical issues that arise.

At O’Dowd Solicitors, not only do we know the law inside out, but we know computers inside out, quite literally. We live and breathe IT, write books on IT law, teach IT law and this translates into the advice we can give on on IT.

We pride ourselves in our approach to advising on Data Protection  issues and this sets us apart from other law firms. It is too easy to advise on what you can’t do as an IT professional. We prefer to look at what you can do; and how you can do it.

Data protection and privacy are often referred to interchangeably, but they are entirely different concepts. Data protection relates to how personal information is used by third parties and it imposes a regulatory framework on such use.

Businesses and Individuals alike need to be aware of how Data Protection can impact upon them, and more importantly, how to minimise this impact. O’Dowd Solicitors can help.

Data protection relates to how personal information is used by third parties and it imposes a regulatory framework on such use.

We offer specialist services in:

  • Online Defamation
  • Advising Data Controllers and Data Processors
  • Advising in relation to Disputes regarding Breach of Confidential Information
  • Advising businesses on the use of SaaS and Cloud Computing
  • Conducting Data Protection Audits
  • Drafting Internal Procedures and Policies, including Data Protection policies for employers
  • Drafting Privacy Policies for websites
  • Email and Acceptable usage Policies
  • Safe Harbor Agreements for transfer of Data outside of the EEA
  • Transferring Data Abroad – Advising on the Risks and Issues plus Advising and Assisting with Measures that should be put
  • in place before Transfer of Data
  • Dealing with the aftermath of Unauthorised Data Disclosures.

Cyber Law in Ireland

Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this practical guide to cyber law – the law affecting information and communication technology (ICT) – in Ireland covers every aspect of the subject, including intellectual property rights in the ICT sector, relevant competition rules, drafting and negotiating ICT-related contracts, electronic transactions, privacy issues, and computer crime.

Following a general introduction, the book assembles its information and guidance in seven main areas of practice: the regulatory framework of the electronic communications market; software protection, legal protection of databases or chips, and other intellectual property matters; contracts with regard to software licensing and network services, with special attention to case law in this area; rules with regard to electronic evidence, regulation of electronic signatures, electronic banking, and electronic commerce; specific laws and regulations with respect to the liability of network operators and service providers and related product liability; protection of individual persons in the context of the processing of personal data and confidentiality; and the application of substantive criminal law in the area of ICT.

Data Protection / GDPR Audit

O’Dowd Solicitors are Legal Experts in the area of Data Protection. For Public Sector and Medium/Large business we offer in depth audit and consultancy service to assess compliance with the Data Protection Acts and forthcoming GDPR.

Our Data Protection Audit combines best practice methodologies and reference standards from Data Protection, Information Governance, and Information Quality Management. These methods are combined with the explicit data governance and data management requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. Our hybrid approach has so far been applied successfully with a range of public and private sector organisations in Ireland and throughout the EU.

We have a structured approach to conducting a Data Protection compliance review and associated review of data protection governance structures in the context of Regulation 2016/679/EU (the General Data Protection Regulation). This approach helps organisations to:

  • Meet legal obligations
  • Ensuring awareness of Data Protection policies and procedures
  • Ensure a defined audit and review life cycle is defined

Where necessary we partner with other Information Technology, Data Governance and Compliance experts to assist clients develop tailored solutions to the unique challenges facing their enterprise. Unlike most providers of Data Protection and GDPR services we are “vendor neutral”, and being a law firm, we will give clear and concise advice, not opaque “consultant speak”.

Specialist Intervention

Data Protection Law is complex. Modern day businesses now treat data as an asset, and in may occasions it is their most valuable asset. It is vital they know how to use this asset within the confines of the law. When faced with an issues such as:

  • The development of new technologies/business plans
  • The need to know what can you, and can’t you do with personal information
  • The consequences of a Data Breach
  • A Claim for damages under the Data Protection Acts
  • An up coming investigation by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
  • Advice of bringing your firm into compliance with the GDPR

It is vital you have the right advice. Few solicitors specialise in the area, and even less can demonstrate the expertise we have. We can advise clients on the law in clear and concise terms, and where other disciplines are necessary to bridge the gap between the law and IT, we can work with relevant partners in the area.

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