Our Online Service

In response to the Covid-19 Epidemic the team at O’Dowd Solicitors were faced with some key difficulties in making wills for clients. The main issue is that normally the process of drafting a will takes two meetings. The first meeting in particular is important, as this is where the Solicitor takes instructions on your wishes. In order to reduce the need for face to face meetings we have developed a tool to allow us take will instructions online. It works as follows:

  1. You fill out the online form and submit it to us
  2. One of our Solicitors will review your instructions in the next working day and will call you for any clarifications
  3. We will then proceed to draft the will and email you a copy for review.
  4. If necessary we will then orgaise a further consultation to discuss the terms of the will and make any amendments necessary
  5. Finally we will arrange for the will to be executed. There are two options here;
    • We will post out a copy to you to be signed by yourself and witnessed by two independent witnesses or
    • We will arrange for you to attend our offices in controlled manner to have the will executed


What should you consider before making a will

Before you make a will you need to decide on the following:

  1. What assets you have
  2. Who the beneficiaries will be (i.e. the people who will receive something in the event of your death)
  3. Who you will appoint as executors (two trustworthy people who will administer your estate in the event of your death)


What is the Cost of Making a Will

Bought or Sold a Property with O’Dowd Solicitors in the past 24 Months: €Free

Existing Client of O’Dowd Solicitors: €200 + €100 if a couple are making mutual wills

(NB, reduced price  €150 applies until Sept 2023)

New Clients: €250 + €100 if a couple are making mutual will

(NB, reduced price  €150 applies until Sept 2023)